Wednesday, October 15, 2008


After having a huge hit with the Freestyle classic "I won't stop loving you," C-Bank returned with "Perfect". This slammin' record was produced by Mickey Garcia and Elvin Molina, and this time sung & performed by Gemini, who now goes by the name of Joei Mae. C-Bank released a bunch of hit singles with different vocalist through the years, but Gemini was the only one out in the club circuit performing them back then. I love the long intro to this track. Check out the 11-minute version below. "Perfect" was Released in 1987 on Next Plateau Records.

P.S. Joei Mae also did the 90's Freestyle classic "Promise me your heart" and "He's my baby" which was a cover of the old Lisette Melendez song. They were both produced by the amazing Carlos Berrios. You can check out Joei's new tracks on the latest Carlos Berrios compilations "Dont look back volumes 1 & 2, where she remakes Seidah Garret's "Do you want it right now."

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12inchjunkie said...

This record is a classic!!! Thanks for the post Marlon!